At Awaken 2 Business, we provide a range of business solutions and services that help entrepreneurs and SME's take their company to the next level.

Founded by Richard Evans, who has vast experience in business management and team leadership, Awaken 2 Business enables entrepreneurs to achieve rapid success for their business. If you want to know how to grow your business successfully, book a Zoom discovery call now.

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VaVaVoom will mentor you and show you how to systemise your business to free up your time so you can focus on working on the business and not in it.  VaVaVoom will help you automate your business processes and recruit for you a trained Virtual Assistant to undertake the business tasks you don’t have to do or want to do yourself.

Your Virtual Marketing Team

Most small business owners understand the need to stand out in the digital marketplace, however, they don't have the knowledge, resource, or budget to achieve these objectives.  Your Digital Marketing Team has a wealth of experience in getting your business out there.  We will design and establish your brand for you. We offer website development and ongoing marketing services, including content creation, social media marketing and email marketing.

Business Mentorship with Richard Evans

Richard has been in business since the early eighties. Richard has worked at senior management level in the corporate sector and started his first property business in the mid-nineties.  He has since gone on to establish several other successful companies. If you are looking to set up a new business or accelerate your business growth, Richard offers 121 mentoring to help you grow and scale-up.


Having come up with an idea for a product or service, business owners must set targets, key performance indicators, and other statistical measurements to monitor the business growth. Of course, these steps are all necessary, but at Awaken 2 Business, we emphasise another essential step.  That of simply thinking.  

Thinking, such a basic word we often neglect. To give a deeper context, set aside time to step back from all the excitement, quieten your thoughts, and focus on your WHY. What is the reason you do what you do? Why did you create this business? Business owners tend to be objective thinkers rather than creative thinkers because their focus is to keep the cash flowing in.  There is, however, power in tapping into your creative self.  

Shaping the habit of reflective thinking unlocks limitless ideas tucked in your subconsciousness. After all, creativity propagates objectivity. Your thoughts become the foundations of your beliefs, and your beliefs control your actions. To find the core of your business values, believe in yourself, your ideas, and commit to awaken your consciousness for business!  

Virtual Entrepreneur Blueprint Masterclass

During the COVID pandemic, more and more entrepreneurs had to pivot and move their businesses online. Many failed during these difficult times, but the best reached new levels of success. If you would like to ride the wave and be a successful Virtual Entrepreneur, learn the blueprint on the Virtual Entrepreneur Blueprint Masterclass.


Virtual Serviced Accomodation Masterclass

Virtual Serviced Accommodation Masterclass will show you all you need to know  about building a Serviced Accommodation businessThe Masterclass teaches how to save your time by systemising the business using software, processes and Virtual Assistants.  Your trained Virtual Assistant will take care of all the day to day operations  within the company. 

Virtual Digital Marketing Masterclass

The Virtual Digital Marketing Masterclass teaches the strategies used by some of the most successful online and offline businesses. Virtual Digital Marketing Masterclass will show you how to build an online presence, target the right customers and increase customers, leads and sales. 


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